Pocatello University Area

Classic Architecture, University Life - The Univeristy area of Pocatello refers to the area proximate to Idaho State University which extends from the east side of the railroad tracks up onto the hills above the new Portneuf Medical Center Hospital.  It's northern boundary is a little more ambiguous, but generally includes up until about Oak street.  The university area boasts Idaho State University which has an enrollment of around 14,500 (per wikipedia).  Having all the major sports teams of a University, residents can enjoy attending sporting and frequent cultural events, either put on or hosted by the University.  In addition, ISU boasts a state of the art facility in the Stephens Performing Arts center, which is not only a beautifully designed, but functional building that hosts over 20 events per year for the public to attend.

University Area Real Estate

Not just for students and professors - Due to it's location playing host to a large, high quality hospital, a semiconductor plant and multiple state organizations, the University area has a diverse demographic draw from students attending college, to Doctors, professors, engineers and administrative personnel.  Many of the historic homes in the area demonstrate the architectural beauties of their respective ages, which when combined with the beautiful foliage and tree canopy, make for a lovely ambiance.  On the eastern side of the University, the hills rise up to provide the real estate owner a majestic view of the valley below.  Real Estate values in the University area tend to hold up well due to proximity to school and work and because the typical resident in this area generally is willingto invest into the upkeep of their homes.



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