South Bannock County

McCammon, Inkom, Lava Hot Springs, Downey, Arimo, Virginia & Robin

The southern part of Bannock county consists of several small towns that are each breathtaking in their own regards.  All of them within 15-40 minutes of Pocatello, makes for reasonable commutes along a gorgeous I-15 Corridor that passes through Marsh Valley, which has a little marsh, but is located between the majestic mountains of Hogsback, Old Tom and Oxford Peak.  The elementary school in McCammon is called Mountain View, referring to the stunning 360 views all the way around the valley.  

If you're looking for a relaxed environment with more of a country feel, where the water out of the tap comes from Crystal Springs and is delicious and refreshing, without the chemical tastes found in the city, well McCammon may be for you.  If you want to be close to skiing or the portneuf River, then perhaps Inkom will suit you.  If you enjoy golf and then soaking in world famous hot springs, then Lava Hot Springs.  Downey, Arimo and Virginia all offer a rancher's perspective on life.  All of these areas still provide access to all the modern amenities of high speed internet and television providers and most are within a quick drive to Pocatello.  Every person should take time to look at least one property in McCammon before they decide to buy in Pocatello.  We think you'll be convinced that rural life can be exquisite.

To evidence how sincere we are about the natural affinity we have for this area, 4 of our agents currently live in South Bannock county.


South Bannock County Listings