Selling Real Estate


 Selling residential real estate is not rocket science.  A seller simply needs to be willing to sell the property at what a buyer is willing to pay for the property.  Yes there are some laws, paperwork and other regulatory items that need to be addressed, but the primary value of a good real estate agent is in knowing where and how to find a buyer for your home.  Before you start thinking: "my realtor has never shown my home", please don't misunderstand- the key value of a real estate agent is in them having a vast network of realtors with whom to cooperate with.  If other real estate agents are showing your property, your agent is doing their job.  If your agent is the only one showing your property, that in turn could be a sign of a real estate agent not representing you well in that they may not be marketing sufficiently to other realtors.  Never assume they are at fault, but occassionally asking what they are doing to sell your property is a fair and valid right of the seller. 

Residential buyers are looking at a huge array of preferences, so don't be offended when they don't like your home.  Sometimes it may be a matter of them wanting a sun room, or some other specific item and because it didn't have it, they moved on.  The key is to be reasonable on your price and accomodating on the showings.   

Investment & Commercial Real Estate

 Where residential real estate is not rocket science, commercial and investment can be a lot more complex.  There are the simplistic sales like a duplex of course, but sales can also be determined by criteria such as load bearing surfaces, zoning rights, nuances of long and technical leases, environmental inspections, estoppel certificates and a wide variety of other building and industry specific components to each deal.  In the end, it comes down to a buyer being willing to pay what a seller is asking, but where residential real estate is largely an emotional decision based on the "feel" of the home, commercial and investment acquisitions and dispositions are largely based on logical criteria and analysis.  Because of that, having an agent that knows how to run the correct analysis and has the experience to deal with the nuances of a complex transaction is vital to long term success in holding commercial and investment real estate assets.  See a list of our agents and what they specialize in on our About Us page.