PRS Mission

Brokers and agents at PRS are committed to the highest standard of excellence in our industry.  Character attributes such as honesty, competency, compassion and committment are not just ideal for our agents, they are expected.  At PRS, you will find as a company we are dedicated to the passionate pursuit of real estate knowledge and ability.  In residential real estate, this means we work when other agents won't, we assist all types of clients, big or small, we focus less on the commission and more on the client's outcome.  PRS agents realize that our business isn't about money, it's about people and that when we take care of the person, the earnings part of it takes care of itself.  We don't try to be the lowest cost, cheapest source and quickest sale brokerage around, our objective is to be the best "Value".  This means charging what we're worth and then being worth more than we charge.  Our agents and brokers are dedicated to obtaining higher standards of education and learning, with many of our agents being college educated, our investment agents often pursue the prestigious CCIM designation and education for our investment clients and by always seeking to improve through continually educating ourselves.  Our agents are well balanced people that value family, serving others, community and country.  We, as agents and brokers at PRS commit to ourselves and our clients to provide the highest level of service our industry can provide by establishing a modus operandi that simply cannot be matched by our competitors.  You will be happy with PRS.