Pocatello, Idaho Real Estate

Pocatello, Idaho is known as the Gate City in large part due to the union pacific railway hub that runs through Pocatello, but also because it is considered to many, the gateway to the west. 

Pocatello is a town nestled into a valley where the I-15 interstate and the I-86 interestate come together.  Because of this, Pocatello is an ideal location for shipping businesses that are looking for a strong crossroads with easy shipping access. 

It is also home to Idaho State University, has the areas newest and most technologically advanced hospital.  Other major employers are On-Semiconductor, Union Pacific, and Allstate Insurance. 

Pocatello has a lot to offer when it comes to real estate security.  Pocatello real estate did not succumb to the huge upswing in property values that was spreading across the nation like a plague, and it fared quite well when everything fell off a cliff as well.  Having about 15% swings up and then down over 3 years. 

Pocatello real estate is also known for it's ability to cash flow for investors.  As with any area, that doesn't mean that everything is a good or bad deal, but opportunities do abound here.

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