Pocatello Highland Area

Highland Residential Homes Information- The highland area of Pocatello began to experience development around the 60-70's of last century.  It is home to Highland High School and Edahow Elementary School.  The average per capita wealth per resident is considered to be higher in the Highland area than most other areas of Pocatello.  Boundaries consist of E. chubbuck road up on the east side of I-15 and the surrounding areas and to the east of Olympus avenue, continuing over to the Monte Vista Neighborhoods on the East side of the I-15 interstate.  Crime rates in the Highland area are among the lowest in Pocatello.

Most of the new residential development in the Highland Area of Pocatello is happening on the east bench, which boasts spectacular views of the valley, extending out to American Falls Resevoir, over 20 miles away.

Highland Pocatello Commercial Real Estate

Hotel Mecca - The highland area is host to a majority of the Hotels in Pocatello and has quick access to grocery shopping at Winco, Fred Meyer Super Center, multiple banks and an array of restaurants.  Highland also has a golf course centrally located to this area of Pocatello, along with 2 golf driving ranges.  Fairway Drive circumnavigates the highland golf course. 

The highland area also is located off of Pocatello Creek Rd., one of the busiest off ramps of I-15 for the Pocatello area.  Want to try a great place for breakfast- Perkins Restaurant is in a can't miss location off of this exit.


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