Chubbuck Idaho

Chubbuck Residential - Chubbuck is considered a suburb to Pocatello, with the two towns sharing a border roughly around I-86.  Chubbuck northern most boundary is reservation road, bordering Fort Hall Indian Reservation.  It iextends south to approximately Quinn Road, with fingers extending to the north and the south of said road between both towns.  Chubbuck has been a center for growth in the last decade with lots of flat land and development happing on it outskirts.  It continues to be attractive for new development as well with lots of lots available.  Generally considered above average in per capita income for the Pocatello area and a low crime rate by comparison.  Chubbuck does have it's own water and sanitation departments and their bills are slightly higher than Pocatello's due to improvements to their sewer line infrastructure.

Chubbuck Commercial and Investment Real Estate-

Lots of Shopping - Along with Pocatello, Chubbuck is very business friendly and on frequent occassion is found working hard to accomodate the needs of new businesses seeking to relocate to the Pocatello area of Idaho.  New developments recently finished are a 78,000 square foot building for Allstate.  This is in addition to the fact that they currently have Walmart, the Pine Ridge Mall, Home Depot and a large variety of smaller retailers within their city's boundaries.  We should caution multi-family investors however that their Water Sewer Garbage bills can feel exhorbitant as each "unit" is required to pay for sewer, which adds up and modifies the value of multi-family investments.  By comparison, you will pay about half the dollars for the same consumption in Pocatello.


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